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The so-called best friend is another “self”

There are two types of Eve in women: Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Two extremely different personalities, they are best friends and confidants here. They know each other and fall in love with each other’s essence and reality. Women who have been here know another self. Here, you can find your best friend and yourself.

The best friend who has been with you the longest is actually your "body"

When you don’t want to hold an umbrella on a rainy day, your best friend will simply accompany you in the water fight and participate in your every moment. She will understand that you are very sensitive to smell, sound, light, material… We specially adjusted the atmosphere of the indoor field, the strength of smoothing and releasing, and the techniques of relaxing and exhaling… In addition, we also introduced the LPG French body carving machine, in a natural and non-invasive way, so that busy you can return to beauty , relieve the fatigue of running around and soothe your body and mind.

The companionship a woman needs most is called "understanding"

This understanding is “just right”. Only when it is just right will there be no burden, and the shackles of the body and mind can be released. When the mind is opened, the body will find resonance. Enjoy the beauty and health care rock bath in the slow life, experience deep sweating, revitalize the body and mind, and promote circulation. , Wander in the furniture works of the well-known Italian designer Moroso, enjoy the modern art style with high saturation and saturation, let the senses do SPA together, and have a sincere afternoon tea or a warm supper with your girlfriends, even if you don’t say anything, feel it together Breathing slowly through the pores is also very enjoyable. We will also hold art and cultural activities from time to time, and the time of art and literature baptism with girlfriends, every moment is just a good communication and company.