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The presence of the heart, every moment is unique
The design concept of “Girlfriend Garden” is like a series of Monet’s paintings, like “The Picnic’s Lunch on the Grass” and “Woman in the Garden” and other works. There is an elegant and charming woman roaming in the beautiful sea of flowers and light and shadow, enjoying herself to the fullest. We design different themed rooms and flower arrangements in the museum, so that Monet’s unique color art can enrich your vision and mood. In this secret garden, you can share your thoughts with your friends or be alone with yourself. , is a wonderful balance of uniqueness and sharedness, where your heart is never alone.

/Four Seasons Garden/

Four Seasons Garden, Natural Healing Field

Invite gardening artist HJ to personally design and build, and use environmentally-friendly flowers with rich aesthetics literacy to create a “green building” concept of natural symbiosis to create a “girlfriend garden” in the hearts of every women.

The garden landscape in the space will change according to the seasons, just like the frame of your mood, the indoor and outdoor will be re-matched with seasonal flowers and plants, and the eternal flowers of Japanese technology has been used in &Fellows SPA. Each area creates a different sense of flowers. Classical gardens, secret trails, and green jungles are scattered in &Fellow SPA. Once you step into the garden, you will feel like you are walking in the nature in every moment, and healing yourself in this secret garden.

/VIP Room/

Settled by women’s hearts

Every woman has a unique and longing island in her heart. The island is full of life and imagination, but if you want to visit this island, you must be invited to visit it. Even the most intimate people need that letter. &Fellows SPA wants to create a secret base for women, just like the special island in the heart of every woman, full of the taste of natural life and the fun of relaxation, you can visit and enjoy without an invitation letter, we hope everyone who comes can rest here.

Peacock Room, Girlfriend VIP Room

The first two are “girlfriends VIP Room”. The theme element is a beautiful peacock. Since ancient times, the peacock has been regarded as a symbol of freedom and beauty. The entire theme design is composed of artistic flowers and peacock noble image of peacocks. A special entrance is specially set up at the entrance of the room, and peacock feathers are used to decorate the interior wallpaper, with a decorative design with metallic texture, and feather installation art is placed in the aisle. Gives you the most luxurious happiness.

Starry sky galaxy, golden peacock, colorful butterflies flying, kaleidoscope feather room … various theme rooms

The atmosphere of the room is as mysterious as the Milky Way. The ceiling is dotted with various handmade glass lamps, as if looking at the starry sky to let the mind drift to the universe. This is the “Starry Sky Galaxy Room”. Splicing natural flower elements from an artistic angle, you can smell the colorful flowers in the “Flower Room” when you step into the room; Not only the SPA center, using Monet’s artistic concept, also, each room has different theme and decoration, from the ceiling, wallpaper to custom-made curtains and lamps, the overall color system and set design need to complement the theme, so that every time you visit, you can experience the atmosphere of different rooms.



Cross-border boutique furniture

Moroso furniture, itself a work of art

Established in 1952, Moroso is an Italian design furniture brand that has enjoyed the reputation of Haute Couture in the furniture industry for more than half a century. For more than 60 years, Moroso has been continuously cooperating with world design masters and seeks design power from all over the world. It often cooperates with designers from all over the world to create colorful furniture and creates many classic styles. It perfectly combines the three aspects of art, design and fashion to create a dual sensory experience of body and vision.

Sit on the same sofa as Michael Jackson and Madonna

The artistic charm of Patrizia Moroso, the successor and creative director of the second generation, lies in the bold combination of color and environmental protection. For many Italian luxury furniture, the complicated craftsmanship is always talked about, and the design lines are more concise and smooth, with an external focus on simple style, and in-depth research on color matching and material selection to increase texture. Internationally renowned rock stars, Michael Jackson and Madonna are both loyal fans of the brand.

Environmentally friendly and recyclable materials for sustainable operation of the planet

The foundation of the Moroso brand was defined as environmentally friendly and natural in the beginning.In addition to continuous innovative design, it emphasized high-quality management, attached importance to sustainable management and natural pollution-free materials, and tries to minimize the damage to the natural environment through strict monitoring of the materials used.Moroso has obtained ISO9000 management certification and ISO 14001 environmental protection certification. Not only use recycled and recyclable materials to maximize the potential of resources, Moroso also adheres to the “light pollution” process for design and production lines, and thoroughly implements the company’s sense of responsibility to society.

/Art room/

Slowly nurture the body with art, subconscious sensory healing

“Girlfriends Garden” attaches great importance to secret details, especially the most private shower area and dressing room for women. Unloading your busy daily life, you may have absorbed heavy negative energy emotions, and when you are washingor eliminate these excess burdens, you are not only wash away the dust, but also carry out a spiritual interaction in the space, first let the relaxation feel warm into the pores and cells of the skin, and finally go deep into the heart, let the shower become a healing feast.

/Girlfriend yellow flower shower area/

The journey of the body starts from letting go of negative energy

“&Fellow SPA” attaches great importance to hidden details, especially the most private shower area and powder room for women. Busy daily life may have absorbed heavy negative energy emotions, when you are washing or eliminating these excess burdens, you are not only washing away the dust, but also conducting a spiritual interaction in the space. Let the feeling of relaxation warm into the pores and cells of the skin, and finally go deep to warm your heart, making the shower a healing feast.

Girlfriend yellow flower shower area

The whole ceiling is covered with yellow Oncidium and handmade glaze, creating the artistic conception of a garden by the lake, the shower room are beside the sink. The shower room is separated from wet and dry, and the shower head is custom-made, the water column is strong and “dense”, make it a stress relief enjoyment when taking a shower. We also want to take care of your hair, so the Dyson hair dryers are used in &Fellows SPA.

Dyson hair dryer

Dyson hair dryers are used throughout the museum to blow hair quickly and shine from roots to tips.

Philips air purifier

The filter adopts German professional technology, which can filter out the H1N1 virus up to 99.9%

Girlfriends Red Flower Dressing Room

The dressing room is not only a dressing room, but also a pleasing sight. Through the projection under the soft light, it becomes the favorite place for visitors to take pictures. Different from the color system of the shower area, The ceiling is covered with red Oncidium and the installation art, which is also a combination of natural elements. The floor is decorated with wood fossils with wooden textures, and white candles wind lamps are decorated to echo the quiet and black walls. The give the visitors the feeling of explore the secret place.