Functional SPA


Full Body Shuhuo Relax

&Fellows’ exclusive signature functional treatment, hand techniques are combined to the far-infrared function warm moxibustion for a deeper body relaxation and pressure relief, with the far-infrared energy meter, targeting each muscle as a contact point, deep into the acupoints to give relief, so that the body can completely release the pressure instantly and strengthen systemic immune function.

Suitable for:

Stressed hard fat, Muscle accumulation and stiffness, Long-term tense work pressure constitution.

120mins NT$ 3,980

Slimming Shuhuo pressure

Due to prolonged sitting and standing for a long time, the legs are edematous and tired. The body oil SPA is combined with Belgian organic essential oils, with special emphasis on the areas of swollen legs, accumulation of lymph nodes and cellulite. Focus on the acupuncture points and meridians of the legs and buttocks for drainage. Relieve the tense and edema muscles and get rid of the fatigue of hoarding weight.

Suitable for:
Cellulite, Dropsy of limbs, Muscle stiffness, Low lymphatic metabolism circulation, Stress and tension

100mins NT$ 3,680

Light and Graceful

The Belgian organic essential oil is paired with the far-infrared mineral crystal appliance. The hooks of the appliance can deeply relieve the meridians and muscle tension of the whole body, relax the stiff muscles and adjust the posture. The mineral crystal appliance contains far-infrared rays which can promote blood circulation. The overall dredging effect is remarkable, improves tautness and stress, effectively removes accumulation and arterial blockages, helps activate the immune system and promote metabolic circulation.

People who have been standing for a long time, Thick legs, Long-term wearing high heels, Muscle soreness and tightness that caused by insufficient stretching after exercise.

100mins NT$ 3,680


Particularly use the far-infrared function warm moxibustion to stimulate the acupuncture points of the whole body, and it is matched with the exclusive deep oil massage.
The heat of the far-infrared function warm moxibustion can eliminate body pain, improve cold hands and feet, physical discomfort, stabilize the autonomic nervous system, improve sleep quality, remove cold in the body, make blood flow unblocked, quickly replenish qi and energy, restore body functions, and help eliminate dropsy.

Suitable for:
Back muscles tightness, Not fluent period, Bad sleep quality, Cold hands and feet

100mins NT$ 3,680

Brightening and Slimming Skin Care
Using naturally extracted sea salt, it gently removes old dead skin cells from the whole body, effectively improves rough skin, melanin deposition and dull complexion, making the skin more delicate, smooth and fair.
Suitable for: Dry and rough body skin, Melanin deposition, Keratin hypertrophy, Easy edema, Cold hands and feet, Poor circulation and metabolism.
Time|60mins / class