& Fellow ‘’Radium final positive energy ganbanyoku’’, is the first Top-guage rock bath that combines far-infrared oven and Japanese cypress in the industry. It will release great amount of the far-infrared and anion, which content more than 1,2000 cubic centimeter per second. In the premium Japanese Tochigi space, the temperature controlled at 40 degree and the humidity will be 60~70%. During the process, the body will slowly warms up, to assist sweat glades sweat profusely. Meanwhile, increase the basal metabolic rate, and activates the body cell to achieve the effect of aesthetic health care and mind relaxation.


Time|30mins / class


Negative ion content up to 12000+

Rock bath

The “radium ore” imported from Hokkaido, Japan, is called “hot spring spirit”. It is a crystal precipitated from natural hot springs. It is very rare and releases a large amount of negative ions and far infrared rays. In Japans top Tochigi space, the temperature is controlled at 40 ° C and the humidity is about 60-70%. During the process, the body slowly warms up, and promotes sweat glands to sweat a lot. At the same time, it increases the basal metabolic rate and activates the body cells to achieve beauty Health and mind relaxation effects.

Far infrared
The industrys first adopts a hotel top gauge oven, which sweats easily to let the toxins out of the body, and the body circulation becomes better. It relieves shoulder and neck aches and improves cold body constitution. It can improve immunity, regulate autonomic nerves, improve joint pain and sleep quality. It is the smartest and simplest maintenance method to obtain healthy beauty and body, relieve fatigue, relieve physical and mental stress, and penetrate health.

The far-infrared rays generated by the rock bath can penetrate deep into the bottom of the body, help the body to sweat “good”, Efficiently remove water from the body, promote body metabolism. The toxic metals accumulated in the body are easily combined with sebum, by the body sweating through the rock bath will stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands, prompting the body to excrete toxic metals.

After using the rock bath, the body will secrete “good sebum” to form a layer of sebum film on the surface of the skin, which can prevent the skin from losing water, and also protect the skin from viruses, making the skin more translucent and shiny.