LPG French body carving

LPG Cellu M6 Alliance

The latest tenth-generation Cellu M6 Alliance comes from French natural slimming and anti-aging technology. It adopts three-in-one Lipomassage TM By Endermologie® patented innovative technology, negative pressure suction + power dual patented joints, fully automated tissue grasping, and can,It can activate tissue cells, effectively improve edema, cellulite, promote fat metabolism and stimulate collagen proliferation, making the skin firmer.
First-time experience price NT$999 / class

Time|30mins / class


【LPG French body carving has there guarantees】

1.Guarantee the latest tenth-generation French LPG slimming
2.Guaranteee that all the aromatherapy technicians in the whole hall have passed the LPG certification.
3.Guarantee not to confuse consumers with older machines (eg 8th and 9th generation)

Triple effect in one treatment, slimming, firming, edema removal

& Fellows Girlfriend Garden SPA uses the “10th generation LPG French body carving machine”, which is 100% non-invasive, does not harm the skin, restarts collagen regeneration, promotes circulatory metabolism, and at the same time eliminates excess water from the body, effectively improves edema and cellulite, giving the skin the most Appropriate stimulation to achieve your natural beauty.

LPG Cellu M6 Alliance comes from French natural slimming and anti-aging technology. It is the cornerstone of technology for 30 years and the first FDA certification in the world. It adopts three-in-one Lipomassage TM By Endermologie patented innovative technology. Automate tissue grabs and activate tissue cells.

With more than 60 million users each year in 111 countries, LPG masters the new technology of the bodys natural mechanism, and non-invasive technology enables the skin to naturally generate young and important youthful substances.

LPG regulates metabolism internally, stimulates fibroblasts, collagen regeneration, and tightens your elastic fiber structure. At the same time, it activates microcirculation to restore the elasticity of external skin and smooth and complexion. From the inside out, there is a significant sense once.

100% respect for your skin, the service team is certified by the French factory

The skin is divided into different layers to be managed layer by layer. For different purposes (active oxygen, firming, plumping, moisturizing, drainage, sculpture), different functions from shallow to deep. The rigorous procedure must go through a smart custom chemotherapy process. The LPG therapists in the garden have been certified by the French original professional certification and obtained the French original trophy. The minimum age is 5 years. Even the LPG logo on the uniform of the therapist must be awarded by the original factory. . In addition, the girlfriend garden is the only place in Taiwan that has a maximum of 6 devices. With the most professional original factory technology, it provides the most competitive member pricing and achieves your natural beauty.