Body Relief Series


Classic Delight

Aromatherapy essential Oil Massage

Active meridian and lymph circulation combined with the energy of aromatic essential oil. Provide a soothing massage for the tight parts of the body, balance the body energy, and deeply relax the mind.

Time|60 mins 


Indulgence Swedish deep pressure

Swedish Massage

Emphasis on slow movements, coherent massage gestures and different massage techniques. Soothing massage can deeply relax tried muscles, help release muscle lattice acid buildup after exercise. Remove accumulation stress and chronic dropsy. Improve the circulation in the body, and relax your sedentary stiff body, gives you an honor and glory experience.

Time|90 mins


& Fellow Top Deep Relief

Deep Tissu Oil Massage

The best top-level relaxation course for you. With massage essential oil extracted from Belgian natural plants, you can choose the essential oil for massage according to your preferences. According to your body status, gives different technique and strength, take care of your body with gentle hand techniques, relieve muscle tightness, alleviate autonomic nervous, asset lymphatic circulation, enjoy the best course of body relaxation and stress relief.



Breast Spa

Using natural plant extract essential oil with professional breast massage technique to dredge the lymph nodes in the chest and armpits, assist breast circulate. Unblock the blood circulation, make the breast line concentrated, firm and dredge the mammary gland, restore the fullness and elasticity to maintain breast health.

Suitable for:

  •  Chest tightness and back pain
  • Chest expansion and sagging
  • Tissue fibrosis
  • Chest atrophy and accessory breasts