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Girlfriend Garden Spa won the Italian Internationa A,DESIGN AWARD interior design award, boldly use the color, embellishing every moment, creating a luxurious experience with top design



Boudoir Garden SPA boldly uses colors to embellish every moment, creating a luxurious experience with top-notch design

Thank you beautiful magazine My Home for reporting OCT 2021 No.248


The girlfriend’s garden tells the story from the entrance. The outdoor garden invites the gardening artist HJ to create it in a more natural and uningenious way. The vitality of environmentally friendly flowers forms a green trail.


With the expectation of entering the secret garden by stacking the stairs, the indoor space continues the garden concept, setting up a tent in the garden to have a party and drinking afternoon tea, talking in the secret base of the cabin, or walking back to the accommodation after the dinner party. The concept is applied to the wallpaper and soft decoration of the service area, the rest area and the VIP ROOM. The color is boldly used with gray scales, and with a touch of luxurious gold embellishment, making the 300-square-meter girlfriend garden All corners form a gorgeous view suitable for taking pictures and punching in.


Returning to the commercial operation side, Kimmy puts all kinds of VIP rooms in the honey garden, from ceilings and papers to soft decorations such as cloth and lamps. The overall scenery and color system are based on different themes such as golden peacock, starry sky, galaxy, colorful butterflies, and Wanhua Feather Room. And other designs to stimulate consumers to visit again, the atmosphere of different rooms, every time you visit, you can have a new feeling.