girlfriend news

&Fellows Girlfriends Garden Spa Hall which full of great artistic value, and has won the affirmation from the official of MOROSO.



The well-known Italian art furniture MOROSO has great artistic value and has been loved by many celebrities and movie stars for a long time. However, due to the high cost, many venues can only introduce one or two pieces as an image display.


In order to show the determination to respect art and implement the best core purpose for the guests, the girlfriends garden introduced a series of MOROSO works across the sea, and asked the designer to carefully build the MOROSO hall in line with the theme of the girlfriends garden. MOROSO was deeply moved and sent a thank you plaque across the sea, and because such a space is very rare, the official website is also a hall with a girlfriend’s garden, which serves as the visual image of the official website of MOROSO.


Fans who love the Girlfriends Garden are welcome to feast their eyes, and even more welcome to relax in the Girlfriends Garden and experience this beautiful space for yourself.